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Your Cat is Not a Vegetarian

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pexels-photo-96938More and more people, especially pet lovers are turning to a vegetarian or vegan diet.  For the most part this is fantastic, vegan diets are easier on the environment and generally healthier…for people.  However for your pet it isn’t healthier, herbivores and omnivores have drastically different digestive systems.  Omnivores like humans can adapt to a vegan diet and omnivore cannot.

animal-cute-kitten-catCats are obligate carnivores or true carnivores, and in simple terms they need meat to survive.  Trying to force a vegan diet on your cat is unethical, irresponsible and cruel, and it is extremely unhealthy for your cat.  Yes, your cat will eat other foods but their primary source of nutrition comes from meat.  You can however feed them the most ethically sound cat food you can find.  As much as promoters of a vegan lifestyle will claim that your animals can live on a vegan diet, the science doesn’t support this.

The way the feline digestive tract is structured it is unable to process the nutrients that are in plant matter.  Cats also need a nutrient called “taurine” for good health.  Taurine is found in meat, the best source of taurine is in organ meat, in the liver and heart.  To deprive your cat of a source of taurine and required nutrients is animal abuse.  Cats must have meat to survive.

Cat Food Labels

The USFDA is responsible for the oversight of pet foods, but in reality they don’t have much authority.  The pet food industry is huge, generating billions of dollars in revenue and the industry can be dubious at best.  The FDA doesn’t require a food maker to get any pre-approval for a new food it wants to put on the market.  This is one of the reasons there is so much relabeling and renaming of cat food.  Even if the label says there is meat in the ingredients list, dishonest manufacturers will often use diseased animals deemed unfit for human consumption in your cat food.

You can easily find the right food for your cat that contains all the nutrients they need including taurine, speak to your vet for some recommendations on your next visit.  Veganism is a lifestyle choice that humans can afford to make.  While ethical considerations of factory farming are valid, your cat is still a carnivore.  It is your obligation as a pet owner to provide the best for your cat.  If you’re still not convinced that your cat must have meat, here is an explanation from a wellness vet explaining the how’s and why’s of your pet’s diet.

Keep Your Dog Healthy with Organic Dog Food

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There are dozens if not hundreds of brands of dog food out there for you to choose from.  At the same time there are constantly recalls on different pet food brands that have been making dogs sick.  Needless to say the simple act of buying a bag of dog food has gotten a lot more complicated.  Organic dog food is traditionally healthier and it has a better safety record than some of the brands you recognize.  Maybe it is time to give it a try, here’s a couple of good reasons why.

Will Organic Dog Food Help Your Pet Live Longer?

The answer is a resounding yes!  Just as organic food is healthier for humans, your faithful canine companion can reap the benefits too.  Less processed food is just better.  Pets and humans need exercise and a well balanced diet to stay healthy and feel good.  The right mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fruits and vegetables are just as important to your dog as they are to you.  Some pet owners choose to make their own organic dog food, but if you factor in cost and time buying a good dog food is far easier.

Is Organic Food Really More Nutritious?

There have been a number of studies done by scientists and government agencies that show organic dog food is better for your pet’s health.  Organic has a higher nutrient content with more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Yes, dogs need antioxidants too.  The Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO monitors pet food brands to makes sure they meet the required guidelines to be called organic.

Effects of Organic Food

Once you begin feeding your dog organic food you’ll start seeing some changes fairly quickly.  You dog will have a shinier coat, stronger teeth and their eyes will appear brighter.  Next time you take your pet to the dog park have a look at him next to other dogs that still eat regular commercial food, the difference will be pronounced.  It’s not just your pet’s outward appearance that changes, but they will be more active bouncing around like they are a puppy again.  Your yard will be a little less messy as your dog retains more nutrients.

Organic Dog Food

Transition in Stages

Anytime you change your dog’s food you there’s always a chance of nausea and diarrhea, new food can often be a shock to their systems.  Start switching over slowly, start with some organic treats first and see how they tolerate it.  Start switching gradually by blending the old food with the new.  Start with about 75% old food and 25% new, gradually increasing the amount of organic food, until it is completely organic.

Your dog is not just a pet they are part of your family.  Be wary of commercial dog foods many of them have some pretty questionable ingredients.  There have been a number of recalls and poisoning of pets over the years.  This is a good reason to switch over to organic, put that together with regular exercise and your pet will live a long healthy life.